WhatsApp Status- 3 New Features To Look For In 2019

WhatsApp has become the biggest platform to share instant messages in present time. All of us have loved this social media platform a lot. Be it sharing our thoughts through WhatsApp Status or chatting with our friends- we enjoy whatever WhatsApp offers.

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Owning the WhatsApp messenger, Facebook had made some fantastic up gradation in 2018. We have witnessed that and welcomed as well. As per the reports, even more, to come in 2019. Still, if you don’t have any idea about the upcoming changes in WhatsApp Status- stick to us. We are going to serve the full scoop in front of you.

We have researched and found out 3 exclusive changes that people are going to experience in 2019. Scroll down and know it all!

New Upgradation in WhatsApp Status

Well, status is all about sharing our emotions or thoughts with other people. It really doesn’t matter what the platform is? We love to express. So, our Facebook feed or Instagram stories stay stuffed always.

Advertisement Through WhatsApp Status

Yeah, you heard it right! When you get any interruption while previewing your status, do you like it? Or, if you see an unavoidable advertisement starts playing while you are in the middle of eyeing someone’s status. It’s annoying. Till now, WhatsApp doesn’t do anything like that.

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Unfortunately, the new monetization policy of Facebook is going to make us experience something similar to our favorite WhatsApp as well!

Regarding the same, the VP Chris Daniels stated- “We are going to be putting ads in Status. That is going to be [the] primary monetization model for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.”

This instant messaging app was started by Brian Acton and Jan Kuom almost a decade ago, and they sold it to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. Brian Acton was first to depart in 2017 followed by his counterpart Jan over some alleged data handling concerns.

Very unlikely to the founders the Zuckerberg & Co’s decision of showing ads through WhatsApp Status will surely disappoint many users across the globe. But it can be the bread and butter for the marketers since it will open a new sea of opportunity to target the massive audience of WhatsApp.

You can post many types of status and stories on your whatsapp . Attitude Status, Love status, Sad status, Romantic Status. Such Status are very common among youth.

WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode

Another new feature WhatsApp going to introduce this year is the Dark Theme mode. Recently, WABetainfo has reported about the Dark Theme mode of WhatsApp through their Twitter handle. The inclusion of this theme will not only be eye soothing, but it will be power saving as well. Especially the smartphones with OLED display like OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note9, iPhone X will be able to conserve battery among others.

WhatsApp Status Ranking Features

This new feature will change the way we get the status updates from our friends. The new ranking feature of WhatsApp is going to be introduced soon. The algorithm of the ranking feature is going to set the priority for your WhatsApp Status Updates!

So, it’s obvious you won’t miss out anything important.

The new ranking system is already rolling out for the beta users of iOS. The ranking will be based on the frequency of interaction with your friends. Eventually, this will prioritize our friends’ status updates on WhatsApp.

WABetalInfo said in their report that, the average ranking would depend on the sending and receiving of the messages. Whereas, the friends with whom you share and receive media files will get higher ranking in your WhatsApp Status. However, if you ignore the messages of individual contracts that will go for bad ranking for them. And, the status updates from them will feature later on your list of WhatsApp Status updates. Sounds cool, right? Ultimately we can ignore those boring status from specific contacts tactfully.

Anyway, Folks! Though all of us will not like all these new WhatsApp updates, still we must welcome these feature updates by WhatsApp with a big heart. As far as the messaging and encryption to the messages is concerned WhatsApp guards that pretty well. So, let’s wait and see what the new features are waiting for us from WhatsApp in 2019. Keep yourself buzzed with the latest news and trends, keep following us. And don’t forget to share your feedback through the comment box below.

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