USPS Tracking – An Insight to The USPS Tracking System

USPS stands for United States Postal Service, is an autonomous agency run by the federal government of the United States. The USPS Tracking feature is one of the most adored features of the company. It enables a new window of opportunity to track your package throughout the delivery time. If you are here to get all the info on USPS Tracking we are not going to disappoint you. Scroll through to know more about the USPS Tracking facilities.
With an extensive global framework, the USPS is the most prominent civilian fleet in the globe. USPS serve all Americans at the same price and same quality of services regardless of geographical boundaries.

What is USPS Tracking?


The USPS Tracking offers end to end tracking to the users. When you ship a package through the United States Postal Services, they attach a unique Tracking Number to each of them. Using the tracking number you can know the status delivery easily. The USPS tracking facility is available for most domestic mail products including limited Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices, Diplomatic Post Offices and to the zip code in the U.S. territories.
Unless you are shipping a product through USPS Marketing Mail parcels, the tracking facility is available for the domestic shipments without any extra charge.

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

When you ship a package through USPS, the item gets scanned at several times throughout the mail-stream. As soon as the sender of the package electronically notifies USPS to expect it, the tracking system starts operating. The process of tracking ends when the item is delivered to the recipient. Through the method of delivery, one can access the USPS Tracking and check the delivery status in a variety of ways.

How to add tracking for your item?

At a post office

When you pay the postage charge for your shipment at the post office retail counter, the USPS Tracking facility gets activated automatically. You can use the tracking number provided in the receipt to access the delivery information.


You can use the online method as well. Just create a USPS account from which you can print USPS Tracking labels, purchase mailing, and shipping services or buy stamps. When you print a tracking label, it prints both the label affixed to the product and a receipt with the tracking number.
No matter what option you choose you will get the same tracking information. But you must have to hold the retail receipt because the without the USPS Tracking Number the Postal Service will not be able to locate an item and provide you the correct information.
How Does The USPS Tracking Number Looks Like?
The USPS Tracking Number format varies depending on the service you choose. Here is a glimpse of the different tracking number format,

  • US post office tracking number: 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail number: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed number: 82 000 000 00
  • Certified Mail number: 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail International number: CP 000 000 000 US
  • Registered Mail number: 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail Express International number: EC 000 000 000 US
  • Signature Confirmation number: 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Collect on Delivery Hold for Pickup number: 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00

Priority Mail Express number: 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00 and EA 000 000 000 US

How to Access Tracking Information?

USPS Tracking

The type of tracking and delivery information varies depending on the class of mail or extra services you have purchased at the time of mailing. Having the USPS Tracking number, you can track your package or access information about it no matter whether you are the sender or the recipient. You can track your item using one of the following media,
Online: Head on to the United States Postal Services official website. Enter your USPS Tracking Number in the right column to track your package.
By Text: You can track your package by texting. Enter your USPS Tracking Number as the content of the message and send it to 2877.
Using the USPS App: No matter, if you are an iPhone user or Android, USPS has their app for both platforms. All you need to do is download the app and log in using your credentials. After that, enter the USPS Tracking Number and tap the Track Package button there.
Through Phone Call: Another way of getting information on your package is by dialling the USPS Customer Service Number. Dial +1-800-222-1811 and ask for tracking information.
Anyway, Folks! Now you must have become an expert in tracking USPS mail item after going through the comprehensive insight into the USPS Tracking.  For any further details, you can ping us here in the comment box below. We are always ready to serve you with the right information.

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