USPS Not Updating- Delivery Status Is Down

USPS has added latest unique features for the convenience of the users. Even though all those features were designed to offer the users a smooth tracking, USPS sometimes does not show you the status of your package. When you search for the latest status of your shipment, you encounter the USPS Not Updating issue. We have discussed the possible reasons for this error in the sections below.

USPS Not Updating-Tracking Not Updating

usps not updating

The USPS tracking service enables you to track your shipment end-to-end and this feature is also included with all the USPS domestic mailing products automatically. This latest technology works most of the times except for the time when it does not seem to get updated. At times due to various factors, you are unable to update USPS and you encounter the USPS tracking not working issue. Let us introduced you to some of the reasons why you may encounter this error.

USPS Tracking Down- Why Does This Occur?

Let us find out some of the top reasons why USPS tracking not updating.

The carrier didn’t scan the product: You can find all the information regarding your package when the USPS tracker gets updated with the latest status. The tracker gets updated whenever your carrier scans the shipment package. Due to may external reasons, your carrier can delay in scanning and that can also lead to the USPS Not Updating error.

Bad weather condition can be a problem: At times when the weather condition becomes severe, your package can get stuck. As a result, the carrier cannot pass the latest information to the USPS tracker and you are unable to view its status.

Packages are not scanned at the intermediary stops: Your packages transit from one place to another which are called intermediary stops. If your carrier has forgotten to scan the package at the intermediary stops, you won’t be able to track its status. Carriers don’t usually forget to scan the packages but in many unavoidable circumstances, the carrier system can’t scan the package at the intermediary stops. Maybe that’s why you are getting USPS not updating error because the tracking has no update.

A delay from the carrier’s end: In some cases, there is a delay in the carrier’s part and that’s why your USPS tracker does not get updated. There can be some difficulties due to which your carrier is unable to send the status of your product delivery. For example, one after another public holiday can increase the number of packages. At that time, USPS skips the scanning progress to manage the delay of those extra packages. Hence, due to this reason, you can encounter the USPS not working problem.

We know that it is disappointing and annoying for the customers to experience such issues. But issues can occur with anything, so we suggest you keep calm for 2-3 days for the arrival of the package. In the meantime, you can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) for further assistance.

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