USPS Tracking – An Insight to The USPS Tracking System

USPS stands for United States Postal Service, is an autonomous agency run by the federal government of the United States. The USPS Tracking feature is one of the most adored features of the company. It enables a new window of opportunity to track your package throughout the delivery time. If you are here to get all the info on USPS Tracking we are not going to disappoint you. Scroll through to know more about the USPS Tracking facilities.
With an extensive global framework, the USPS is the most prominent civilian fleet in the globe. USPS serve all Americans at the same price and same quality of services regardless of geographical boundaries.

What is USPS Tracking?


The USPS Tracking offers end to end tracking to the users. When you ship a package through the United States Postal Services, they attach a unique Tracking Number to each of them. Using the tracking number you can know the status delivery easily. The USPS tracking facility is available for most domestic mail products including limited Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices, Diplomatic Post Offices and to the zip code in the U.S. territories.
Unless you are shipping a product through USPS Marketing Mail parcels, the tracking facility is available for the domestic shipments without any extra charge.

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

When you ship a package through USPS, the item gets scanned at several times throughout the mail-stream. As soon as the sender of the package electronically notifies USPS to expect it, the tracking system starts operating. The process of tracking ends when the item is delivered to the recipient. Through the method of delivery, one can access the USPS Tracking and check the delivery status in a variety of ways.

How to add tracking for your item?

At a post office

When you pay the postage charge for your shipment at the post office retail counter, the USPS Tracking facility gets activated automatically. You can use the tracking number provided in the receipt to access the delivery information.


You can use the online method as well. Just create a USPS account from which you can print USPS Tracking labels, purchase mailing, and shipping services or buy stamps. When you print a tracking label, it prints both the label affixed to the product and a receipt with the tracking number.
No matter what option you choose you will get the same tracking information. But you must have to hold the retail receipt because the without the USPS Tracking Number the Postal Service will not be able to locate an item and provide you the correct information.
How Does The USPS Tracking Number Looks Like?
The USPS Tracking Number format varies depending on the service you choose. Here is a glimpse of the different tracking number format,

  • US post office tracking number: 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail number: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed number: 82 000 000 00
  • Certified Mail number: 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail International number: CP 000 000 000 US
  • Registered Mail number: 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail Express International number: EC 000 000 000 US
  • Signature Confirmation number: 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Collect on Delivery Hold for Pickup number: 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00

Priority Mail Express number: 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00 and EA 000 000 000 US

How to Access Tracking Information?

USPS Tracking

The type of tracking and delivery information varies depending on the class of mail or extra services you have purchased at the time of mailing. Having the USPS Tracking number, you can track your package or access information about it no matter whether you are the sender or the recipient. You can track your item using one of the following media,
Online: Head on to the United States Postal Services official website. Enter your USPS Tracking Number in the right column to track your package.
By Text: You can track your package by texting. Enter your USPS Tracking Number as the content of the message and send it to 2877.
Using the USPS App: No matter, if you are an iPhone user or Android, USPS has their app for both platforms. All you need to do is download the app and log in using your credentials. After that, enter the USPS Tracking Number and tap the Track Package button there.
Through Phone Call: Another way of getting information on your package is by dialling the USPS Customer Service Number. Dial +1-800-222-1811 and ask for tracking information.
Anyway, Folks! Now you must have become an expert in tracking USPS mail item after going through the comprehensive insight into the USPS Tracking.  For any further details, you can ping us here in the comment box below. We are always ready to serve you with the right information.

WhatsApp Status- 3 New Features To Look For In 2019

WhatsApp has become the biggest platform to share instant messages in present time. All of us have loved this social media platform a lot. Be it sharing our thoughts through WhatsApp Status or chatting with our friends- we enjoy whatever WhatsApp offers.

whats app status

Owning the WhatsApp messenger, Facebook had made some fantastic up gradation in 2018. We have witnessed that and welcomed as well. As per the reports, even more, to come in 2019. Still, if you don’t have any idea about the upcoming changes in WhatsApp Status- stick to us. We are going to serve the full scoop in front of you.

We have researched and found out 3 exclusive changes that people are going to experience in 2019. Scroll down and know it all!

New Upgradation in WhatsApp Status

Well, status is all about sharing our emotions or thoughts with other people. It really doesn’t matter what the platform is? We love to express. So, our Facebook feed or Instagram stories stay stuffed always.

Advertisement Through WhatsApp Status

Yeah, you heard it right! When you get any interruption while previewing your status, do you like it? Or, if you see an unavoidable advertisement starts playing while you are in the middle of eyeing someone’s status. It’s annoying. Till now, WhatsApp doesn’t do anything like that.

whats app

Unfortunately, the new monetization policy of Facebook is going to make us experience something similar to our favorite WhatsApp as well!

Regarding the same, the VP Chris Daniels stated- “We are going to be putting ads in Status. That is going to be [the] primary monetization model for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.”

This instant messaging app was started by Brian Acton and Jan Kuom almost a decade ago, and they sold it to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. Brian Acton was first to depart in 2017 followed by his counterpart Jan over some alleged data handling concerns.

Very unlikely to the founders the Zuckerberg & Co’s decision of showing ads through WhatsApp Status will surely disappoint many users across the globe. But it can be the bread and butter for the marketers since it will open a new sea of opportunity to target the massive audience of WhatsApp.

You can post many types of status and stories on your whatsapp . Attitude Status, Love status, Sad status, Romantic Status. Such Status are very common among youth.

WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode

Another new feature WhatsApp going to introduce this year is the Dark Theme mode. Recently, WABetainfo has reported about the Dark Theme mode of WhatsApp through their Twitter handle. The inclusion of this theme will not only be eye soothing, but it will be power saving as well. Especially the smartphones with OLED display like OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note9, iPhone X will be able to conserve battery among others.

WhatsApp Status Ranking Features

This new feature will change the way we get the status updates from our friends. The new ranking feature of WhatsApp is going to be introduced soon. The algorithm of the ranking feature is going to set the priority for your WhatsApp Status Updates!

So, it’s obvious you won’t miss out anything important.

The new ranking system is already rolling out for the beta users of iOS. The ranking will be based on the frequency of interaction with your friends. Eventually, this will prioritize our friends’ status updates on WhatsApp.

WABetalInfo said in their report that, the average ranking would depend on the sending and receiving of the messages. Whereas, the friends with whom you share and receive media files will get higher ranking in your WhatsApp Status. However, if you ignore the messages of individual contracts that will go for bad ranking for them. And, the status updates from them will feature later on your list of WhatsApp Status updates. Sounds cool, right? Ultimately we can ignore those boring status from specific contacts tactfully.

Anyway, Folks! Though all of us will not like all these new WhatsApp updates, still we must welcome these feature updates by WhatsApp with a big heart. As far as the messaging and encryption to the messages is concerned WhatsApp guards that pretty well. So, let’s wait and see what the new features are waiting for us from WhatsApp in 2019. Keep yourself buzzed with the latest news and trends, keep following us. And don’t forget to share your feedback through the comment box below.

USPS Tracking Number | How To Track a Package | USPS Tracking

Are you facing difficulties in locating the USPS Tracking Number for your package? It is not rare at all. Often finding the right USPS Tracking Number becomes a confusing task for the users. And when you are a newbie to the USPS Tracking, it’s just an obvious case. Well, to keep you away from any hindrance we are here with the perfect guide. Scroll through and get yourself used with the USPS.


USPS is one of the most trusted names to provide different postal services to the people of the United States since long. The USPS Tracking feature is one of the most convenient features of the postal service. Having the right set of tracking number you can easily track your package, and know the status.

What Is USPS Tracking Number?

When a person ships a package through USPS, they get a unique tracking id from them. There are different sets of options to ship your package through USPS. You can do it from a post office or at your own through online mode. However, the Tracking Number for the shipment will be the same, so the facilities. Depending on the mailing service you choose the structure of the tracking number can vary from one to another. Here is how the USPS Tracking Number looks like for different mailing services,

USPS tracking
  • USPS Tracking  – 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail  – 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Certified Mail – 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Collect on Delivery – 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed – 82 000 000 00
  • Priority Mail Express – 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail International – CP 000 000 000 US
  • Registered Mail – 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Signature Confirmation – 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

How To Find The Tracking Number?

As we said earlier finding the tracking number for your package shipped through USPS can become difficult. Surrounded by numerous set of numbers it’s somewhat confusing to trace the right one. Here is how you can get your USPS Tracking Number,

Check your Post Office Receipt

If you have shipped your order from a post office, the official will hand you a receipt. Take a close look at the receipt you will get the tracking at the end of the bill.

Check the Insurance Receipt

Generally, the customers buy additional insurance coverage if the package shipped through USPS values of more than $50. If you have purchased an Insurance check the Insurance Receipt, you will get the USPS Tracking Number from there.

Go through the confirmation email

When you use the USPS Postal Service ship something, and you pay the postage charge, you will receive a confirmation email from the USPS. Your confirmation mail also contains the Tracking Number. So check your inbox for an email from USPS. Have a look at the email and try to locate your Tracking Number.

If you have shipped your package through USPS using other carriers, then you can check the mail from the corresponding carrier. You can get the USPS Tracking Number from there as well.

How To Track Package Using USPS Tracking Number?

After getting the USPS Tracking Number, you can track your package following various methods. Choose one of the following techniques and know the status of your shipment quickly.

Use 1800-Ask USPS

You can dial the USPS Customer Service Number [] and talk to the customer service representative. When you share the Tracking Number with them, they will help you to know the status of your package.

Text At 2877

Enter your USPS Tracking Number in the body of your text message and send it at 2877. You will get the latest tracking details of your package.

Visit the Official USPS Website

You can visit the official website of USPS. After that, locate the tracking option. Now enter your USPS Tracking Number at the given column and select the Track Package button there. You will be able to see the delivery status.

Use The USPS App

USPS has apps for both iOS & Android Platforms. Download the app and log in there. Enter your Tracking Number accurately, and finally tap on the Track Package button.

Wrap Up

Following one of the enlisted methods, you can track your package quickly. We have furnished all the crucial steps you need to know to follow your package using the USPS Tracking Number. If you have further queries, you can ask us here. We will try our best to help you out. If you like the discussion over here, don’t forget to give your feedback.

Why USPS Tracking Not Working? | Resolve The Tracking Problems

The United State Postal Service is commonly known as USPS. It is one of the best independent organization to render services globally. USPS lets you send or receive a package within the US and to other countries. And, you can track your order easily by the tracking number. But have you faced an issue with the USPS Tracking Number? Yes, it’s pretty common to find the USPS Tracking Not Working. What to do next?

USPS Tracking

Check out our guideline here. Get a clear idea regarding the USPS Tracking Not Updating error. Though you get the popular services with USPS, some glitches are there to ruin your experience. Also, technical disputes are responsible for damaging the highly designed perfect tracking system of USPS. However, resolve your problems now with our real-time fixes. 

Here you go!

Causes for USPS Tracking Not Working

Online transactions have become even more comfortable with the USPS Tracking Services. When you order a product, you get the tracking number to keep an eye on your package. Being updated with the location or shipment is possible even doable. Still, many reasons are there to interrupt the tracking information updating process.

Here are a few examples- Why you face USPS Tracking Not Working issue?

Wrong Carrier

The wrong Carrier comes at the forefront of our list. If you have chosen a third-party carrier, it leads you to USPS Delays. In other words, suppose you prefer a carrier over USPS Tracking it takes longer to arrive your package. Why does this happen? Well, exchanging your product usually times out and scratched off as well. That’s why you don’t receive your trade.

However, specific barriers to delivery service restrict USPS Map Tracking. Let’s know other reasons for USPS Tracking Not Working error.


Name Error

If you have printed your name for multiple packages, then you can encounter with this error. As in, your USPS Status get updated for a single package. Not for other connected packages. Moreover, if your name is cut off after receiving one box, then you won’t see any update for other products.

Hence you land up to USPS Not Working issue.

Shipment Details

In case you have shifted your delivery from one to another day then it takes time to update the USPS Tracking Status. You have to give at least 24-48 hours to have the new information.

Not only the mentioned reasons but some other causes are also responsible for the inconvenience. Take a look below.

  • System error is one of the main reasons behind the USPS Not Updating problem. Improperly stored or written input data can trigger the issue.
  • Database error can also be the reason. In this case, your product won’t be considered existing.
  • USPS Tracking Number Error is the most apparent reason. If you have put a wrong tracking number, then you won’t ever see the USPS Status
  • Error with product handling is also there to display you USPS Tracking Not Working issue. If your package gets damaged or ruined, then you won’t be able to see any update. The seller will re-wrap it and update the system with whole different tracking info.

All of these reasons are responsible for sabotaging your USPS Tracking Status. It’s time to know what you can do to fix this issue?

What should you do to Resolve USPS Tracking not Working?

First of all, you can contact the United State Postal Service Customer Service, to know the exact location of your package. Ask for the details from the customer care representatives. You will surely get the help. To reach the team, you can dial the USPS Customer Service Number.

Alternatively, visit the official site Put your tracking id there and search for the information of your package.

Otherwise, you have to head to the last location with your USPS Tracking Number and other details. You will find the details there.


Finally, we will ask you to keep calm. The widespread network of the USPS connects half of the world. So it’s obvious to face some glitches. Fortunately, their seamless services resolve all the issues instantly. So whenever you come up with the USPS Tracking Not Working error go for the USPS Customer Care.

USPS Not Updating- Delivery Status Is Down

USPS has added latest unique features for the convenience of the users. Even though all those features were designed to offer the users a smooth tracking, USPS sometimes does not show you the status of your package. When you search for the latest status of your shipment, you encounter the USPS Not Updating issue. We have discussed the possible reasons for this error in the sections below.

USPS Not Updating-Tracking Not Updating

usps not updating

The USPS tracking service enables you to track your shipment end-to-end and this feature is also included with all the USPS domestic mailing products automatically. This latest technology works most of the times except for the time when it does not seem to get updated. At times due to various factors, you are unable to update USPS and you encounter the USPS tracking not working issue. Let us introduced you to some of the reasons why you may encounter this error.

USPS Tracking Down- Why Does This Occur?

Let us find out some of the top reasons why USPS tracking not updating.

The carrier didn’t scan the product: You can find all the information regarding your package when the USPS tracker gets updated with the latest status. The tracker gets updated whenever your carrier scans the shipment package. Due to may external reasons, your carrier can delay in scanning and that can also lead to the USPS Not Updating error.

Bad weather condition can be a problem: At times when the weather condition becomes severe, your package can get stuck. As a result, the carrier cannot pass the latest information to the USPS tracker and you are unable to view its status.

Packages are not scanned at the intermediary stops: Your packages transit from one place to another which are called intermediary stops. If your carrier has forgotten to scan the package at the intermediary stops, you won’t be able to track its status. Carriers don’t usually forget to scan the packages but in many unavoidable circumstances, the carrier system can’t scan the package at the intermediary stops. Maybe that’s why you are getting USPS not updating error because the tracking has no update.

A delay from the carrier’s end: In some cases, there is a delay in the carrier’s part and that’s why your USPS tracker does not get updated. There can be some difficulties due to which your carrier is unable to send the status of your product delivery. For example, one after another public holiday can increase the number of packages. At that time, USPS skips the scanning progress to manage the delay of those extra packages. Hence, due to this reason, you can encounter the USPS not working problem.

We know that it is disappointing and annoying for the customers to experience such issues. But issues can occur with anything, so we suggest you keep calm for 2-3 days for the arrival of the package. In the meantime, you can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) for further assistance.